Scientific Schedule - (Click here to download Schedule in PDF)

Management of peri-implantitis: a pragmatic approach by Andreas Stavropoulos

Surgical techniques for the reconstruction of periodontal hard and soft tissue defects by Anton Sculean

Guided bone regeneration- biological and surgical principles that pave the way for success by Lior Shapira and Raluca Cosgarea

Presidents Welcome Address

50 years of Periodontology

Is it the bacteria, the genes or the environment?
Introduction by Chairs - Ajay Kakar & Alpdogan Kantarci

Oral microorganisms and dysbiosis

The anti-infective treatment approach

The host-modulation treatment approach

Personalized Precision Periodontics
Introduction by Chairs - Joerg Myele & Ahmed Gamal

What is personalized/precision periodontics?

A global view of personalized periodontics

Personalized periodontal regeneration

Personalized periodontal therapy for patients with systemic diseases

Periodontal and Systemic Interrelationships
Introduction by Chairs - Shogo Takashiba & A.Kumarswamy

Periodontitis and Cardiovascular diseases

Periodontitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Reconstruction of Lost Periodontal Tissues
Introduction by Chairs - Mark Bartold & Lior Shapira

The Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 in Periodontal Regeneration

Novel techniques and limitations in gingival recession coverage

Emerging Strategies and Pathologies in Periodontics and Implantology
Introduction by Chair : Introduction & Potential roles of GMSCs in periimplant therapy - Vince Iacono

Critical overview of PRF and PRP

The biology-based technologies in periodontal treatment

Lasers and PDT in the treatment of periodontal and periimplant infections

The etiopathogenesis of peri-implantitis

The treatment of peri-implantitis